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Arvo Advisory is a boutique consulting firm that helps leaders craft and communicate their strategy. We uniquely combine strategy consultants with executive communication leaders and public relations experts to create value for our clients.

With estimates showing that 25% of a company valuation is dependent upon its reputation, we’ve found that companies need both a winning strategy and a compelling story to inspire confidence from investors, employees, partners, and customers.

"There is no compelling strategy without effective communication. There is no valuable brand without inspired storytelling."

Muhtar Kent

Former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Stephen Reiff

Stephen Reiff
Experience highlights
  • Head of Corporate Strategy & Corporate Communication for MoneyGram
  • Strategy & Operations Consultant for Deloitte and Slalom
  • Presidential Campaign Staffer
  • MBA from UVA Darden School of Business

Stephen has an extensive background working with executive leadership teams to craft and communicate their strategy. Stephen started his career in corporate strategy and management consulting before serving as the Head of Corporate Strategy & Corporate Communication at MoneyGram where he uncovered the magic of linking strategy and communications to drive value creation. Stephen and his wife reside in Dallas, TX where they are active in their local church, volunteer with several non-profits, enjoy competitive games of Wingspan, and spend too much time discussing the TV show Survivor. In 2022, Stephen was named Top 40 under 40 by PRSA Dallas.

"In leading Corporate Strategy, I quickly learned that it doesn’t matter what your strategy is, IF your employees don’t know what to execute, IF your investors don’t value it, IF your partners don’t know how to support it, and IF your Board doesn’t know how you’re executing it to drive results. To achieve success and drive change companies need both: a winning strategy with a compelling story (told consistently)."

Steve Soltis

Steve Soltis

Steve is a 30-year communication veteran who has led executive, employee and CEO communication at UPS and The Coca-Cola Company. Through his corporate and consulting experiences, he has supported more than 15 CEOs of multinational enterprises.  Soltis also teaches Strategic Communication at the UVA Darden School of Business. 

“Communication expectations on executives have never been higher.  Externally, they are your company’s most powerful ambassadors and influencers while internally they are your primary culture keepers, integral to employee engagement and morale. In today’s environment, leaders are increasingly looking for a business-first approach to executive communication.”

Doug Busk

Doug Busk

Doug is a leading expert on the art and science of strategic storytelling. With a distinguished career working for some of the world’s leading brands across communications, marketing, and consulting, Doug specializes in partnering with executives to empower technology-driven brand storytelling that transforms company marketing and engagement.

Our Story

We created the firm we wished had existed. Our firm has a non-traditional background and this is our story.

Executive Summary

In leading corporate strategy, I (Stephen) quickly realized that the strategy was powerless unless employees got excited about, investors valued it, and board members understood how you were executing it. We changed our approach and the company’s stock price more than quadrupled despite flat financials. I feel like I stumbled upon a hidden gem of a tool to help CEOs create real value from their strategy. Studies show that about 25% of a company’s value is driven by its strategy. We created a firm to help companies maximize that value through strategy, executive communication, and investor and public relations support.

Longer version

I (Stephen) was leading Corporate Strategy for MoneyGram and working with the leadership team to craft a turnaround strategy anchored by a digital transformation as the company faced rapidly changing industry dynamics and investor concerns. One day, my boss forwarded me the draft of the upcoming earnings call transcript to get my thoughts. The document was very well-written, but it wasn’t written in the context of the competitive landscape, the company strategy, and how the strategy was driving results. I rewrote it, and from there on out the CEO gave me ‘the pen’ to own the transcript and the accompanying slides. Shortly thereafter, the leadership team took a pioneering approach to combine Strategy and Communication under one function that I was honored to lead.  

To ensure I was the best possible steward of the responsibilities MoneyGram had given me, I knew I needed a mentor, and I read an article from my business school by an executive communications leader and strategic communication professor, Steve Soltis. He graciously responded to a cold email and that’s what spurred our relationship and now our partnership!

In the new role, I needed to hire a PR firm, and I quickly learned that PR firms had incredibly talented professionals, but they largely didn’t understand competitive dynamics and the importance of EBITDA. I became frustrated with the lack of relevant ideas and the amount of rewriting that occurred. That’s when this initial idea came to be: what if we created a firm that combined the poets (traditional PR professionals) with the quants (strategy consultants): combining those two skillsets can create the magic needed to create real value.  

In his work advising CEOs, CFOs, and CCOs, Steve noticed this need as well: traditional approaches to communication no longer met the needs of today’s leaders. Executives increasingly needed talent with hard and soft skills, yet this was incredibly hard to find – firms like this didn’t exist.

When MoneyGram’s stock price quadrupled despite flat financials due in part to the work we’d led to craft the strategy and then uniquely communicate it across diverse stakeholders, I decided to take the brave move to start Arvo (meaning value / valuation in Finnish) to help other companies craft and communicate their strategy to drive value though a business strategy-driven approach to executive communication and public relations.  

After a year of launching Arvo and collaborating on various projects, Stephen and Steve decided to merge to best leverage each other’s strengths with our vision of changing the world by bridging the gap between strategy and communication.


Team of experts

We’ve built a worldclass team of leading experts who uniquely sit at the intersection of strategy and communication to help drive value for our clients.

Arvo logo over a mountain
Dana Bolden

Haleon, Corteva, GSK

Former CCO; IPO strategy & comms expert

Arvo logo over a mountain
Vikram Capoor

CARE, Coca-Cola, Corporate Executive Board

former Chief Strategy Officer, business transformation expert

Arvo logo over a mountain
Danielle Cupps

McDonald's, Boeing, Goldman Sachs

Strategy, CEO Comms, Private Equity background with M&A expertise, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Emma Wood

McKinsey, Haus

Former VP of Strategy & Operations, start-up COO, Executive Coach, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Annie Singleton

Booz Allen Hamilton, Teneo

Former VP of Strategy with strategic communication background, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Steve Holmes

Home Depot, UPS

Former CCO at Home Depot; reputation & crisis expert

Arvo logo over a mountain
Kevin Mitchell


Executive Communication leader, MBA

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June West

UVA Darden School of Business

Strategic Communication MBA Professor

Arvo logo over a mountain
Rumana Sultana

Creative Circle, National Association of Broadcasters

Brand Strategy, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Gary Kohn

Western Union, Red Lion Hotels

Former VP of Investor Relations, CFO with M&A experience

Arvo logo over a mountain
Jacob Gifford

Portland Trailblazers, Nike

PR and Executive Communication

Arvo logo over a mountain
Abby Rodgers

ExxonMobil, Coca-Cola

Corporate Reputation, Communication, and Marketing, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Charles McNair

Delta, AT&T

PR and Corporate Communication specialist

Arvo logo over a mountain
Henri Koponen

McKinsey, HALO Diagnostics

Former startup executive with M&A experience, management consultant, change management expert

Arvo logo over a mountain
Morgan Eseke

Credera Consulting

Executive Communication & marketing strategist

Arvo logo over a mountain
Luke Mara

American Airlines

Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development, MBA

Arvo logo over a mountain
Cedar Roach

General Motors, TrailRunners

PR & Corporate Communication specialist

Arvo logo over a mountain
Brandon Giella


LinkedIn expert, and brand strategy leader, MBA

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It’s our hope that these values help us to cultivate a compelling company culture where Arvo becomes the best place anyone has ever worked. Our values inform who we hire, how we make decisions, and how we serve our clients.

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to help people feel more positive, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships – all things we want to be famous for at Arvo.
In a world facing a loneliness epidemic, we value being on a winning team surrounded by a community of colleagues and friends who collaboratively leverage each other’s strengths and support each other.
To be frank, starting Arvo has taken a lot of bravery to step-out into the unknown, and our desire is that Arvo team members are known for being brave – brave in proactively coming up with new ideas, brave in making recommendations, and brave in dreaming big.
Positivity & Proactivity
Too often work can feel stressful and busy, and we want to foster an environment where optimism thrives and positivity fuels action. Arvo team members are naturally curious, and are self-motivated to proactively come up with new ideas and ways to serve clients.

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